Palabras de otros, inspiradoras, definiendo, curadas...


inspirar . conectar . crear . con criterio e instincto . enlaces picantes y amorosos . ocasiones . emociones visibles . comunicamos sueños que se hicieron realidad a fuerza de perseverancia, talento, red humana y cariño .


pragmatic dreamers and creative explorers . create something of value . make vision come true . be creative, innovative and inspirational . seek out and experience new things . working with smart people, doing cool stuff, and having a good time doing it . fuse logic with imagination . empathetic focus on the world around us . unflagging passion and co-creation . looking for amazing artists around the world to create unique artworks . motivated & creative . inspire collective consciousness . personality & commitment . purpose-driven strategy that inspires great ideas . compelling creative that seduces .  everyday decisions towards greater positivity and joy . changing the way we feel .


“What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t feel” - Spanish Proverb


Cecilia Miranda . ENSERES / Argentina -
Daniel Rozensztroch . MERCI / France
Horacio Gallo . ASTOR / Argentine


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